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Friday, January 25, 2013

[ENG TRANS] Hongki interview @ haru hana Vol.16


As FTISLAND's lead vocal, not only is Lee Hongki largely popular in Japan and Korea, it is also true around the world. Apart from this, after his acting stint in serial「You're Beautiful」, he also received explosive popularity, retaining his identity as an actor. Additionally, last year, he was chosen as an MC, simultaneously also kicking off filming for a movie. He was so busy that he didn't even have time to sleep. Although it was only been a short 3 months, the MC activities has left him with a priceless experience.

Now let's have him look back and talk about challenging the MC role.

Because I originally like being a host, when (MNET) decided to make me the MC, I was really happy. So at that time, I was also anticipating the completion of filming. M Countdown has many diverse artistes' performances and every week, I can see many new and lavish stages. Hence I was particularly anticipative. 

The first time he appeared as an MC was last year's 30 August. He did the recording where he almost did not need to read from the script. From the very beginning, he did not even let on to the audience that it was his first MC performance, smoothly doing his job and shocking everyone around. 
During the first broadcast, although I was a little nervous, I was used to it prior (to the emceeing). So in a very happy mood, I was excited as we did the broadcast. 
The difficulty of being an MC... There's almost nothing like that. But I wanted to let the audience have the same feeling (as I). I kept working hard hoping to achieve that. For me to be immersed in happiness (of being an MC) is also important. But compared to wanting the audience to be happy watching, the latter is more important. Also, I hope that as they follow my hosting episodes, they would see the silhouette of my growth. I embraced such thoughts as I continued to work hard. 

On his own live, Hongki also leads with his words to bring up the atmosphere. This time, while he was in charge of being the MC, the experiences of those times gave him a lot of help. 
On the live stage, as FTISLAND, I've accumulated lots of experiences. It helped greatly when I was the host for M Countdown, something like spontaneity. I felt that I was also given the ability to properly take care of any surprise situations. Additionally, it also made me gladly take to the stage without hesitation. 

When asked what he does in the waiting room to relax himself before the recording, 
In the waiting room, I would eat my favourite ice cream. Also, at that point, I was passionately into gaming. If I did what I like to do, my mood on that day will also be very good (laughs)


Q: Recently, have you had a thought like「If it were like that, it would be great」or do you have a wish? 

To be together with FTISLAND members. In future too, I want to be able to continue with music activities under the identity of FTISLAND; that would be great. 

Q: You seem to be really into doing nail art. Are there any recommendations for winter nail art? Also, how often do you do your nails? 

Yeah~ Winter nail art~ It's difficult. Contrarily, I actually want to hear everyone's ideas (laughs) To me, nail art can let me have a change of mood. I want to try unique styles~ It feels fun. How often I do nails~ I've to go by the situations, it's not always fixed. 

Q: Right now, what is the thing which you are privately passionate about?

Recently, I've been composing and writing together with the members. I also enjoy listening to music together with them. After listening to many other artistes' songs, we would discuss the song and its contents. Also, I want to go traveling with the members. Recently, whenever the members get together, we would talk about things regarding travel.

Q: Recently, what are the pranks you pulled on the members?

I didn't pull them on the members. A while ago, I wore a pair of shades with an interesting style and did a selca, posting it on Twitter. The members, Jaejin and Minhwan, also did funny expressions in the photo. That seemed to create a huge topic in Korea. 

Q: Please tell us about the movie「불사조 (Phoenix*)」. Also, in the midst of your busy schedule, what do you most want to make time for? 

I'm acting as a star who is like a problem child. The character goes to the hospital to do community service and eventually becomes really close to the patients. Right now, if I have time, I really want to have a good sleep (laughs)

*Translated name

URL LINK: http://www.twitlonger.com/show/kqej39 http://www.twitlonger.com/show/kqq6ca

Special thanks to FT家的橘子阿姨 for uploading scans of the interview