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Saturday, January 5, 2013

[ENG TRANS] FTISLAND Members' Choice - 2012 Best-5 Ranking



BEST: Daniel 
Because it's my first time challenging (the musical), I really needed a lot of hard work to do well and let myself leave behind no regrets. My heart was full of these sort of thoughts: Even if I'm alone, I can also accomplish something. They were thoughts like this.

2nd BEST: Arena Tour Performance
To be able to complete an FTISLAND solo performance in front of so many fans, I was really very touched. After today too, I hope to seek your anticipation.

3rd BEST: Car
It's my first time changing my car. Because it's the first time I used my own money to change my car, I am very emotional. From today onwards, I plan to use it properly. (Note: The original text wrote "ride" wrongly, and it feels weird to translate it as "ride".)

4th BEST: Moving house
Because of this move, I got my own room, a space belonging to myself, so I'm very happy.

5th BEST: Minari's musical stage
To Minhwan, whose solo activities only included rest, it was a really good chance. As his friend, I also felt really excited.


BEST: Arena Tour Performance
Because it was a performance where we ourselves came up with a lot of ideas, every moment was strongly embedded in my mind.

2nd BEST: Seunghyun's musical stage
I discovered a new side to Seunghyun. His hardworking side made me feel really touched.

3rd BEST: Composing「Beloved 」
Whether it's to myself per se, or to many other people out there, it's a very meaningful song. But I don't have any way to let a lot of people know about this song, and that makes me feel that it's a little wasteful.

4th BEST: Mother's Hernia surgery 
Because my mother's waist condition is not too good, so as a birthday present, I treated her to surgery.

5th BEST: Moving house
We moved to an even better place, where we have many more chances to meet friends and also compose.


BEST: Saitama Super Arena
It was a passionate live performance, to the extent it even made our leader cry.

2nd BEST: (Numerous) activities
In Korea's singing programme, we got the first place for the first time in 2012.

3rd BEST: My birthday
If we count in Japan terms, I've reached 20 years of age. All the members are now adults.

4th BEST: Musical performance (Gwanghwamun Sonata)
I challenged the musical stage with a brand new challenger-spirit and created many lovely memories.

5th BEST: Moving house
Because we moved house, in my dormitory life, it's the first time I have my own room.


BEST: America performance
We performed together with CNBLUE. It was also our first time performing in America, so at that time, I was really nervous.

2nd BEST: Puppies
Because we moved house, so I adopted three puppies. They're very cute

3rd BEST: Arena Tour Performance
Up till this point, this is the largest scale of all the concerts we have ever held before. I really thank all the fans.

4th BEST: Movie
It's my firs movie. Although at the moment, we are still in the process of filming, I reallu can't wait and hope for it to be screened.

5th BEST: Composing and writing songs
In Korea, within the 4th regular album we released, there are two songs recorded of which I wrote the lyrics. Next, I want to take up the challenge of composing.


BEST: Saitama Super Arena
While emceeing, I cried emotional tears.

2nd BEST: Japan's second album
It's an extremely meaningful album. Recorded in it were my self-composed songs, and the uniqueness of the songs were adequately highlighted.

3rd BEST: Korea's 4th regular album
There were many of our own songs recorded in it, and it's a regular album which was released after a very long hiatus. So there was an even deeper meaning to it.

4th BEST: Moving house
Because we moved house, all the environment around us changed too. Apart from learning, every other thing also requires even more concentration.

5th BEST: Exercising
Through exercising, I wanted to give everyone a view of my manliness. Apart from that, I am more mindful of issues concerning health.


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